The Film


Imagine…waking up one day feeling there has to be more to life.

Imagine…finding others who feel the same.

Imagine…looking within only to find you are already complete.

Now imagine that this dream is already here, and is unlike anything you have ever experienced.

Rude Awakening is an international cinematic documentary where we dive into the complete journey of self-discovery through the lens of everyday life.

Release Date: Summer of 2020.


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The Story


“Who am I?”…Why am I here?”…“Why don’t I just fit in?” and “How do I live this life?”

These are the questions that Dutch filmmaker Jonathan Kray started asking himself one summer day in 1992. Little did he know that these innocent questions would promptly catapult him onto the seemingly involuntary and wild rollercoaster of his self-discovery. Of course, he could have easily chosen to ignore these inner ramblings and get on with life, but his insatiable curiosity to find meaning simply got the better of him.

Little did he know at the time that asking such silly questions would immediately trigger the equivalent of hurling a giant steel wrecking ball through the fragile china cabinet that were his belief systems. What started as a triumphant “YOLO!” quickly descended into a horrified “WTF!”.

While Jonathan’s life unravelled like a badly knit Christmas sweater, he desperately looked for answers that would bring back some much needed structure and sanity to his life. He looked for answers in psychotherapy, through mentors and spiritual modalities. He spent many years practicing regression therapy, crystal healing, earth toning, neurolinguistic programming, sweating in dark lodges and hugging trees.

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As these experiences became increasingly weirder he finally realised the answer to his own happiness was not to be found out there…but in himself. 

The catch?

Jonathan begrudgingly realised that looking within meant taking full responsibility for “everything”. That also meant giving up all of his personas that played the blame-game, the victim-vacuum, the preacher king and the drama queen. Not ready to let go of these wild and colourful characters just yet, Jonathan continued to play his games for a while longer until he realised these “acts” brought him nowhere. Desperate and tired he finally gave up and decided to look inside. As he approached the gaping abyss of his own belief-system he paused for one last time, took a deep breath and jumped.

After a few rough years of peddling through the raw sewage of his own human beliefs he emerged from the sludge wearing his well-earned toilet paper crown and sporting a rather stupid grin on his face. He realised this journey was the most beautiful thing he could have ever gifted himself…and the hardest thing he ever had to allow. 

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The curious filmmaker in him realised that he probably wasn’t the only one that had gone through this…

And decided to investigate this phenomenon by looking at other people’s experiences through the metaphor of film. From interviewing those closest to him to people that inspired him over the years, Jonathan wondered if all these stories shared a common dynamic theme or were they all vastly different.

In a uniquely raw, visual and cinematic style, Jonathan invites you to step onto the roller coaster of self-discovery and enjoy the wild and crazy ride!

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