The Film

This feature length and cinematic documentary-film explores the age old questions: What is awakening? What are we awakening from? and what happens after awakening?

In the film we will hear the personal stories of six diverse people that are going through this journey shining a new light on the untold story of what comes after awakening. It covers the process and the potential difficulties one might face when embarking on the very personal journey of self-discovery, realization or enlightenment.

This film will not feature any gurus, nor accolades or levels to accomplish. Clever mind tricks, self-hypnosis, strategies or modalities to achieve happiness or deal with conspiracies. There won't be any single truths or absolute opinions and defenitly no spiritual bullshit!

Cinematic, humorous, breathtaking, rude, raw and disruptive…this is brutally honest "spirituality" unlike any you've ever seen.

Rude Awakening is one of the very few documentaries in the world filming with anamorphic lenses adding a true cinematic feel. The team is using two 6K RED cameras and will be shooting in five different countries. The final running time will be around 100 minutes. The film will also feature an original soundtrack by Dutch singer/songwriter Gabriella Schreuder Hes.

The film will be in theatres everywhere in the summer of 2020.


Click below to watch a twenty minute preview of the Rude Awakening Documentary.

...the human feels so less than, so unworthy, so unable to meet the expectations of what one feels life should be. So they think someone out there must have the answer...
— Jean Tinder