1. The total production budget of this feature length documentary currently stands at 1.500.000 Euros. This covers production, post-production and a substantial amount of marketing and promotional attendance at industry film festivals and fairs.

  2. We aim for a worldwide theatre release and later through video on demand channels like Apple + , Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc., in the summer of 2020.

  3. The spoken langue will be English and we will subtitle the film in more than 16+ languages for a broader world wide market appeal.

  4. Through private investors, we have secured half of the budget already. Our current investors deeply and personally support the topic of this project and also see a huge market potential with multiple audience groups.

  5. We have created an investment contract based on a competitive market capped ROI (return on investment).

  6. The minimum amount for an investment is 50K.

In April 2019, we started filming in the United States. We interviewed three of our selected interviewees. This choice is to ensure we keep the momentum of this project going and stay on course for the world premiere in Amsterdam, June 2020. Interested in becoming an investor? Please contact us through the form below and we will send you an NDA. Followed with, our official investment contract. We’re also available to hop on a Skype or Zoom call and discuss all of this in-depth and answer any questions. 


If you are dependant on the invested money or see this as a quick cash multiplier….please DON’T invest in this project. Since this is considered to be a high risk investment, it is only relevant for people whom are able to spare the money and deeply feel passionate and have a connection with this theme of realisation and self-discovery reaching a global audience. That said, a feature length documentary film of this type and with this kind of message combined with modern cinematic storytelling simply has never been done before. Thus, we foresee this film actually finding its global audience. 

OUr Company structure

We have an official Holding called, Soulfood Studios. Under this holding we have created a separate BV (similar to a LLC or BC in the United States) for each individual project. This is a very common practice in the global film industry. In this case, the BV for this project is called Rude Awakening BV. Soulfood Studios acts as a shareholder in this Rude Awakening company. All our companies are based in The Netherlands and officially registered with the Notary, the Dutch chamber of commerce and the Dutch tax authorities. Official documents can be produced on request. 

The Fresh Fund Foundation

We also own an official non-profit foundation called The Fresh Fund. The goal of the foundation is to stimulate, support and inspire consciousness through the arts. We can also use this foundation to receive donations for the Rude Awakening Project and others currently under development.

For more information regarding investments or to receive a copy of the investment contract please contact us:

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...and here’s a time where there’s no gurus, no instant healing methods, no programs or guidelines to take you into this, here’s a time to get real with yourself...
— Geoffrey Hoppe