The Team





Starting out as a graphic designer, Jonathan quickly discovered a passion for visual storytelling. His first short film was made in 2000 with an enthusiastic professional crew after which he immediately quit his design job and started directing full-time. He worked in London, Glasgow and Amsterdam as an ad director where he also discovered storytelling in video games. For Jonathan videogame cinematics were an excitingly new form of storytelling and it combined his love for interactive media with technology. Working as an editor and cameraman and later with big teams at game developers also made him see the direct correlation between powerful storytelling and correctly combining different filmmaking disciplines.

After directing his first feature length movie Lost in Laos in 2012 in Asia he returned to videogames one more time for the Emmy and Bafta winning Playstation 4 title Horizon Zero Dawn. Always interested in finding new stories and new ways to tell them, Jonathan's next project is an international documentary about self-discovery and consciousness told from his own perspective in a modern and cinematic way.




Jorge brings a diverse background of experiences in filmmaking, design, business and professional sports.

He has always had a curiosity and deep love for self-expression through the arts. Wether it was through music and culture during his time in Ecuador, through the arts and theatre in New Orleans or through film in Los Angeles and Oregon Jorge was always drawn to all forms of story-telling.

After working at Omni Hotels and Resorts, with Henry Tebbe, as the company’s youngest executive and corporate HR trainer, Jorge felt the draw of filmmaking beckoning him once again.

Moving to LA, Jorge honed is craft and skills for filmmaking. In LA and Oregon, he consulted for and collaborated on a new kind of holistic film production experience where co-creation and intuitive filmmaking took centre stage. Not quite satisfied with the approach and the vision Jorge decided to create his own studio. In June of 2018 he moved to The Netherland’s and with his new creative partners formed SOULFOOD Studios. A revolutionary production studio creating original content that questions the status quo while combining great story-telling, popular culture and entertainment. Their current project is, Rude Awakening. An original, international-cinematic documentary about the journey of “self-discovery and consciousness”




Sandra has always had a natural sense for creating thriving communities. From an early age she was effortlessly bringing people together.

She created networks for awareness/spirituality as well as theater groups for amateurs to support individuals on their path of self discovery.

Soon she discovered her love for motivating, inspiring and supporting humans from all walks of life. Next to raising two young children and and her daytime job, she decided to become a coach and facilitator.

Her passion now is to take dreams by the hand and help them grow into visceral experiences. Using her down to earth humor and a high standard of professionalism, Sandra is now producing ‘Rude Awakening’.

She believes that this documentary will inspire and touch many people’s lives all over the world: “After all, what everyone on this earth longs for most is an inner peace, freedom and being seen in a world that can make you feel lost and crazy”